On this page we recognize those students and observers around the world who successfully observe ten or more of the comets listed in "Countdown to 500 Comets." Congratulations on your good work!

We are presently seeking a sponsor for this award.

OBSERVER                          LOCATION                    DATE ACCOMPLISHED

Juan Jose Gonzalez                             Leon, Spain                                August 10, 2007

Vitali Nevski                                     Vitebsk, Belarus                           August 16, 2007

Mike Holloway                                  Van Buren, Arkansas, USA          October 9, 2007

Piotr Guzik                                        Krosno, Poland                            October 24, 2007

Sergey Shurpakov                              Baran', Belarus                            November 5, 2007

Jose Carvajal                                     Madrid, Spain                              November 10, 2007

Con Stoitsis                                       Melbourne, Victoria, Australia      July 6, 2008

Ray Maher                                         Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA August 3, 2008

Martin McKenna                                Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland    October 30, 2008

Amar Sharma                                     Bangalore, India                          October 30, 2008

Martin Masek                                     Liberec, Czech Republic              January 5, 2009

Chris Wyatt                                       Walcha, NSW, Australia              November 19, 2009

Jakub Cerny                                       Senohraby, Czech Republic         May 3, 2010

Mieczyslaw Paradowski                      Lublin, Poland                            May 19, 2010

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